We're a digital marketing firm that specializes in small businesses.

Renaissance Group isn’t just a name, it’s a definition. It’s a definition of who we are; a definition of what we do. Hundreds of years ago, the world was in a dark place. Controlled by monarchs and rulers who insisted on doing things the way they had always been done, people starved. Art stopped progressing. Ideas died.

We have a great team.


Luke Griles

Lead Web Developer

Luke has a unique story. He grew up on a farm, studied Psychology at Regent University, and landed himself a job in IT after teaching himself how to code. He is very organized, self-motivated, and a great individual to work with.


Tobias Noyes


Tobias studied Marketing and IT at the University of Virginia. He entered the business world at seventeen when he started managing a small business in Richmond, VA. He’s passionate about creativity, business strategy, and salsa dancing.


Mariah Gardner

Lead Brand Strategist

Mariah has been pushing against rules and norms since she was a little girl. She’s passionate about innovation, foreign cultures, and helping non-profits. She studied Public Relations Communication, Business Leadership, and Japanese at Virginia Tech.


Justin Gardner

Lead SEO Consultant

Justin grew up with technology. He has been building websites, hacking, and programming ever since he was 12. While he has a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Computer Science, most of his know-how is self-taught.

Our Core Values


It’s impossible to build a business-identity without knowing yourself and your company. Successful brands are the ones that effectively communicate and accentuate their unique characteristics; pretending to be something else doesn’t normally work.


Today’s global world has competition like never before. Your competitors aren’t just across the street, but across the continent. But no one else has exactly the story you do. We’re here to help you write a chapter in your story that people can’t help but notice and share.


Analyze your competition. What do you provide that they can’t? Knowing who you are, your customers’ needs, and your competitors’ limitations will empower you to build the foundation of your brand. Your brand is your reputation; make it a good one.