Benefits of Brand

Enhance Visibility

Brand empowers small businesses to stand out amidst the competition. It helps customers associate the company with something tangible.

Garner Trust

Brand is all about consistency. Customers trust companies that have a strong brand because they know they’ll get what is promised.

Build Relationships

Trust is the bedrock of relationships and relationships are the bedrock of business. It’s five times cheaper to maintain a customer than get a new one.

Increase Sales

Increased sales are the by-product of enhanced visibility, garnered trust, and built relationships.  Don’t neglect brand because it directly affects your bottom line. 

The Tough Questions

who am I?

It’s impossible to build a business-identity without knowing yourself and your company. Successful brands are the ones that effectively communicate and accentuate their unique characteristics.

what are my customers’ needs? 

Know your customers’ needs to build a compelling value proposition. This will be the foundation of your brand. Brands are built around the conscious and subconscious needs of consumers.

what can I offer that my competitors can’t?

Analyze your competition. What do you provide that they can’t? Knowing who you are, your customers’ needs, and your competitors’ limitations will empower you to build the foundation of your brand. Your brand is your reputation; make it a good one.


Our Process

Coffee Date

We start out every project with an in-person conversation. We like to get to know our clients and their unique needs.

Whiteboard Session

Before jumping into a project, we develop a plan and strategy. The legwork in the beginning ultimately leads to a better product. 


This is our favorite part: getting out of the office and helping the client. We do customer interviews, competitor analysis, etc.

Touch Base

We never finish a project until the client is 110% satisfied. This is our time to see if we can do anything else to help our clients.