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We care about our products, which is why we put such an emphasis on excellent customer service and quality of service. We create innovative digital marketing campaigns to connect our clients with their ideal customers. In essence, we magnify visibility

Colonial Driving School

Colonial Driving School is a small business located in Colonial Heights, Virginia. The owner purchased the business a few years ago and struggled to increase sales due to poor visibility. Renaissance Group built a beautiful and intuitive website that dramatically increased their sales. A few years later, Colonial Driving School is the industry leader in their geographical region. 


“I’d highly recommend Renaissance Group for any type of digital marketing or top-line revenue strategies. My sales have increased by 680% with help. Their team is professional, creative, and very smart. If your small business has flatlined, Renaissance Group is must!” – Margarita Noyes, Owner 


Global eHealth Solutions

Global eHealth Solutions is an international healthcare software company that services small to medium-sized hospitals and clinics. Specifically, they combine ERP, EMR, CRP, and GIS functionality into one solution to make healthcare records simpler and more efficient. They service 60+ clients worldwide. Renaissance Group built their website and refreshed their logo.