Benefits of SEO


It’s easy to get lost in Google. Magnify your digital visibility with a strategic SEO campaign. 


Every click to a website is a lead, each new viewer is a possible customer or subscriber. 


Ecommerce is the fastest growing medium for sales. Use SEO to outrank competitors and increase sales. 

SEO is about sales, not "views"

Most firms use “unique views” as the metric for success. This, in our humble opinion, is stupid. Our belief is that businesses care about sales, not views. If an SEO company increases unique views by 345% but brings in the wrong traffic, this is worse than doing nothing because now your server is strained with additional traffic. Conversions are the primary indicator of the right kind of SEO.

However, not all conversions are equal. While it’s important to track and analyze data on things such as Contact Us form submissions, we believe in driving the customer to the bottom of your sales funnel. To do this we will draw awareness to your product and brand, give the user the information they need to decide on your product, and give them a medium to take action and convert.

Our SEO Approach

Quality Backlink Initiative

Backlinks are the bread and butter of SEO. We have several strategies for procuring the highest quality backlinks for our clients. We connect your site to other high-authority websites within your industry so that your site gains Domain Authority and brand presence.


Google has specified a certain set of standards for how to design websites. Coders can choose to ignore the standards, but the site’s rank will suffer. We optimize each page to make sure its inline with the most recent standards.

Content Generation

Google doesn’t like stale websites. We’ll work with you to develop a content strategy for your website that tells Google that you’re on the top of your industry. This normally includes blog posts, social media campaigns, and multimedia content.

Analyze ROI for yourself

We want you to see the ROI on your investment in SEO – That’s good for our business AND for yours! For that very reason, we provide each of our SEO clients with a customized Google Studio Dashboard. This dashboard pulls live data from Google Analytics and displays it in an easy to read format so you can make sure your bottom line is benefiting from SEO.

SEO ROI Dashboard

Brand amplified SEO

We believe SEO is most effective when partnered with Brand Strategy. Whether you have purchased our Brand Strategy packages or not, when you come on board with Renaissance Group, we do a preliminary Brand Assessment. This assessment is designed to help us understand your company’s personality, goals, and voice.

Understanding these features allows us to amplify your strengths through our SEO Approach and helps build repeat customers for your business. Statistics show its 57% easier to keep a repeat customer than it is to get a new one. SEO, when combined with brand strategy, does this best.

Search Engine Optimization Statistics - 2017


online experiences that begin with a search


people that never scroll past the first page


people that ignore paid search results